About Hasita Oza

Hasita Oza, Founder and Artistic director of Chaitanya Kathak Dance Academy, USA. Hasita is an accomplished Kathak dancer trained rigorously under an eminent guidance of Pandita Rohini Bhate of Pune. Hasita has extensively performed in India and in USA.

What is Chakradar?

Any set of Bols or rhythmic phrases begin and end on Sum after repeated exactly three times. Chakradar has to be three or more cycles long.  Unlike Tihai it can not start on any beat of the cycle, it has to start on Sum.

What is Tihai?

Repetition of any Beat, or rhythmic phrase (Bol or a group of Bol) three times and ends on Sum is Tihai.  Tihai can begin on any beat (Matra) of Taal but always ends on Sum.  It can be as small as repetition of a beat 1,1,1 or dha dha dha or it can be take [...]

by Madhura Karnik – Prarambhik L2

They say that I first started responding to music by tapping my feet right when I was in my crib. Realizing my affinity to dance, my parents sent me to Ashatai Joglekar's institution in Mumbai to learn Kathak. As a toddler, it was too early for me to begin my journey in Kathak. However later, [...]

My first day with Kathak by Sonal Kulkarni

"Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another".  I joined Hasitaji's class to learn to dance with heart. On the first day, Hasitaji started the class by teaching Namaskar.  This was my first interaction with classical dance.  As I was watching it, I was mesmerized by the delicate movements [...]

Writing Bols

Writing Bols: Tomorrow the new semester is starting. We are spending time on how to write Bandish with notations, so a student can go back after years and still know exactly how to recite it and dance. Do not think it is waste of time or traditions did not catch up with the time. Writing, [...]

Awareness in dance

Recently term Awareness is becoming very popular and becoming buzz word especially by the people who do Yoga and meditation.  So, what is Awareness?  It is being conscious, knowledgeable, watchful about.  It means you are awake - Jagrut - Sajag - you are aware of surrounding, your sensitivity is enhanced to feel, sense, notice. In dance [...]

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