About Hasita Oza

Hasita Oza, Founder and Artistic director of Chaitanya Kathak Dance Academy, USA. Hasita is an accomplished Kathak dancer trained rigorously under an eminent guidance of Pandita Rohini Bhate of Pune. Hasita has extensively performed in India and in USA.

Writing Bols

Writing Bols: Tomorrow the new semester is starting. We are spending time on how to write Bandish with notations, so a student can go back after years and still know exactly how to recite it and dance. Do not think it is waste of time or traditions did not catch up with the time. Writing, [...]

Awareness in dance

Recently term Awareness is becoming very popular and becoming buzz word especially by the people who do Yoga and meditation.  So, what is Awareness?  It is being conscious, knowledgeable, watchful about.  It means you are awake - Jagrut - Sajag - you are aware of surrounding, your sensitivity is enhanced to feel, sense, notice. In dance [...]

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