About Hasita Oza

Hasita Oza, Founder and Artistic director of Chaitanya Kathak Dance Academy, USA. Hasita is an accomplished Kathak dancer trained rigorously under an eminent guidance of Pandita Rohini Bhate of Pune. Hasita has extensively performed in India and in USA.

Beginner batch started

The new Beginner batch started in Morrisville, In Elite Ballroom studio. This term is shorter than usual till end of October since I have performances in India (My Guru Rohini Bhate's birthday celebration and in Gujarat in November to present).

perfect feet with neat ghunghrus around.

Guru Rohini Bhate In 1947 Pandita Rohini Bhate founded Nritya Bharati, A Kathak institution in Pune, India. With her tireless efforts the institution has trained thousands of students. Today it has flourished with number of branches throughout the world, carrying forward her mission. The entire 2017 many world known Kathak dancers were invited [...]

Radha and Veil – 12 th march 2017, Basant Bahar

Register for January batches. Level 1, 2, 3.

ages 6 and up.

Register for batches starting in January.

ages 6 and up.

Prarambhik L2 exam criterias

Practical: Six Todas. 2. Two Chakradar Todas. 3. Padhant of all Todas. 4. Two Tihai. 5. Show Trital Bol by hand - single, double, chaugun. (Thhay, dugun, chaugun). 6. Do Trital Tatkar single, dugun, chaugun with Tihai. Theory: Wha it Trital? What is Kathak? 2. Introduction of you, Guru, institution. 3. Definitions: Laya,Vilambit, Madhya, Drut, [...]

What is Chakradar?

Any set of Bols or rhythmic phrases begin and end on Sum after repeated exactly three times. Chakradar has to be three or more cycles long.  Unlike Tihai it can not start on any beat of the cycle, it has to start on Sum.

What is Tihai?

Repetition of any Beat, or rhythmic phrase (Bol or a group of Bol) three times and ends on Sum is Tihai.  Tihai can begin on any beat (Matra) of Taal but always ends on Sum.  It can be as small as repetition of a beat 1,1,1 or dha dha dha or it can be take [...]