Our Philosophy

Gurukul Kathak Dance Academy seeks to preserve and promote the time honored traditions of classical Kathak in the United States by introducing this dance form into the local culture while maintaining its traditional identity. We encourage our students to explore the universality of rhythm and movement unconfined to any region or period in time.

Our History

Kathak was the most enriching experience I could ask for. It taught me passion for the arts and a love for story telling.
Former Student


  • Nritta – Pure Dance

    The execution of short (tukra) or long (toda) dance compositions engaged in rhythmic play based on a time-cycle.

  • Tatkar – Footwork

    A sophisticated system of footwork and rhythmic patterns from which all foot sounds and compositions are created.

  • Nritya – Expressive Dance

    Storytelling through Kathak epics conveyed through mime, hand gestures, and symbolic body postures.


Classes are offered for all age groups from age 4 to Adult classes. Adult and Youth/Teen classes are offered at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels. See below for a description of coursework offered at each level. Please contact us directly if you are interested in private lessons.

Beginner/Prarambik – Youth/Teen and Adult

Intermediate/Pravesh – Youth/Teen and Adult

Advance/Parichaya – Teen and Adult