1. Six Todas.

2. Two Chakradar Todas.

3. Padhant of all Todas.

4. Two Tihai.

5. Show Trital Bol by hand – single, double, chaugun. (Thhay, dugun, chaugun).

6. Do Trital Tatkar single, dugun, chaugun with Tihai.


  1. Wha it Trital? What is Kathak?

2. Introduction of you, Guru, institution.

3. Definitions: Laya,Vilambit, Madhya, Drut, Matra, Sam, Taali, Khali, Vibhag, Tihai.

Important things to check:

  • Maintain a pleasant expression. – 10 points
  • Make sure to start and end on Sum.  –  50 points
  • Coordinate – look at your hands, engage yourself with dance.

(eyes at a right level, correct Mudra, tatkar sequence, clean chakkar with         coordinated hand and feet movement.) – 30 points

  • Clear footwork with rhythm. Clear pronunciations of Padhant. – 10 points