They say that I first started responding to music by tapping my feet right when I was in my crib. Realizing my affinity to dance, my parents sent me to Ashatai Joglekar’s institution in Mumbai to learn Kathak. As a toddler, it was too early for me to begin my journey in Kathak. However later, we moved to a smaller city in India where there were no opportunities to attain formal training in Kathak. But, my passion for dance never diminished. I continued to perform not only as a school or college student but also after I started working. Dance has always given me immense joy. However, I always felt the need to give an classical touch to my dancing in order to gain more gracefulness as a dancer. Upon attending the Gurukul academy’s workshop in Spring 2016, I decided to start learning Kathak and that is when I actually took my first steps…in the world of classical dancing! I have been learning Kathak for 4 months now and I have realized that in addition to it being alluring dance form, it also has few other health benefits like maintaining a better body-posture, stretching of your body muscles and increasing mind-and-body coordination. Kathak is helping me understand the art and gracefulness required in dancing and I hope to continue learning it as long as I can.