“Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another”.  I joined Hasitaji’s class to learn to dance with heart.

On the first day, Hasitaji started the class by teaching Namaskar.  This was my first interaction with classical dance.  As I was watching it, I was mesmerized by the delicate movements and the grace that Kathak embodies.  At that very instance, I realized that “grace” is so elusive.  It is simple yet so difficult.

As I was still soaking it all in, Hasitaji started introducing us to the basics of “Tihai”.  Hasitaji first demonstrated this to us.  After which, she said “Ta” and everyone tapped their right foot.  This is the first time I heard and felt the sweet but strong collective jingle of the ghunghrus.  The vibrations of these magical bells is electric to say the least.

As the class went on, we continued practicing Tihai.  I was surprised by how scientific this ancient dance form is.  It comprises of rhythmic movements, systematic techniques for tapping the feet, holding the posture and movements.

One semester into the program, I now know that the ghunghrus continue to vibrate in your mind and body even after the class.  My journey with Kathak has been a very beautiful one so far and I aspire to make it a part of my life forever.

by Sonal Kulkarni – student Gurukul Academy.