Recently term Awareness is becoming very popular and becoming buzz word especially by the people who do Yoga and meditation.  So, what is Awareness?  It is being conscious, knowledgeable, watchful about.  It means you are awake – Jagrut – Sajag – you are aware of surrounding, your sensitivity is enhanced to feel, sense, notice.

In dance how do we use this concept doing Movement ?

In Abhinaya Darpan Sri Nandikeshvar says:

yato hastah tato drishtihi, yato drishtihi tato manah

yato manah tato bhavo, yato bhavo tato rasah

meaning: when doing a movement,

wherever hand goes, your eyes should follow, wherever your eyes go, your mind should follow,

wherever mind goes that is where the expression is,wherever there is an expression is that is where the joy, Rasa is.

So one begins with physical awareness – (Be aware of the position of hand, Mudra being held, direction of the Movement, the shape the movement makes in the space, the tension in the body, breathing while following the hand with eyes) and gradually reaches to mental awareness.  A dancer can make a movement meaningful and engaging only when he is aware.  Without awareness dance can become mechanical.  Thus awareness is very important in dance.